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When we exhale, we spread aerosols. Viruses get into the air through this. With regular ventilation we reduce the amount of aerosols in the air and thus the risk of infection with viruses.

CARU air has proven itself in very different, but especially in dynamic environments such as daycare centers, schools and communities, as well as companies, medical practices, retirement centers and restaurants. CARU air is also being used more and more in private apartments, where the smooth design and simplicity are particularly valued. More on this in our reference projects.

The measurement from CARU air is very reliable. The built-in CO2 sensor has a very low tolerance range in comparison to other devices. The CO2 values differ only slightly at different temperatures. More on this in our Whitepaper.

A CO2 traffic light without a display is particularly useful in a dynamic environment in which people come and go. Everyone can see at a glance how the quality of the indoor air is doing. This gives everyone a good feeling and enables everyone to easily contribute to good air quality.

You can place CARU air flexibly at the location of your choice. Set it in such a way that best suits your location - school room, meeting room, open-plan office, doctor's office or restaurant. The only thing to make sure of is to not place it directly at an open window. Take a look at how CARU air is already being used. Let our image gallery inspire you.

A CARU air covers up to 80 m2. If the room is larger, the use of more than one device is recommended. Alternatively, you can reposition CARU air from time to time and observe whether the air quality fluctuates within the room.

No, you do not have to calibrate CARU air. With an additional temperature and humidity sensor, CARU air automatically compensates for external influences. The CO2 sensor also corrects itself automatically. In this way, we always guarantee accurate values even after a long period of operation. More on this in our Whitepaper.

CARU air can turn red quickly, especially in small rooms with many people. Regular ventilation is particularly important in these rooms.

As soon as CARU air lights up yellow or red, all windows and doors in the room should be opened wide. By intensively ventilating the room, you ensure a rapid exchange of air and minimize heat loss in the cold autumn and winter months.

We deliver CARU air with the appropriate power supply unit and a short instruction manual, which you can also use as a stylish table display next to CARU air. Get it here.


Reference projects

Municipal administration of Stäfa

The municipal administration of Stäfa has equipped all its offices and meeting rooms with CARU air. Find out why they chose CARU air, how exactly they use the CO2 measuring devices and what contribution they make to their protection concept in the reference project.

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The reliability of CO2 measuring devices is particularly defined by the quality of the built-in CO2 sensor. This is precisely why we took a closer look at various CO2 sensors in field tests for a few weeks between October and November.

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External studies

Here is a selection of external specialist articles and expert contributions on the topics of CO2, aerosols and ventilation.

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CARU air in action